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What We've Lost is Nothing
Forthcoming in January 2014 - Now Available for pre-order


“Rachel Louise Snyder writes with the rigorous scrutiny of an investigative journalist and the deep and roving empathy of a natural-born novelist; the result is a bold and mesmerizing exploration of daily truths we don't talk about nearly enough: class prejudice and racism; the chasm between newly arrived immigrants and those of us who've been here for generations; the painful division between husbands and wives and the children they've made; and that razored air between what we believe and what is. What We've Lost is Nothing is a stellar debut by an important and necessary new voice among us.”
       --Andre Dubus III, author of Townie and House of Sand and Fog

“Rachel Louise Snyder’s debut novel marks the arrival of an important new voice in fiction. With sharp prose and compelling insight, What We’ve Lost is Nothing brings readers to a neighborhood in a moment of public crisis that unmasks a range of private crises. Snyder renders a beautiful portrait of both the complex world of Ilios Lane and the gulf between the way that we imagine our worst fears, and the way that they come to pass and demand that we survive them.”
       --Danielle Evans, author of Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self

“Snyder’s debut is smooth and engaging, and reads like the work of a veteran novelist.”
       -Publisher’s Weekly

“…Snyder crafts a muscular and fearless debut novel that boldly tackles the heady themes of prejudice, self-preservation, poverty, and privilege. Deftly underscored by a steady drumbeat of denial and discontent, Snyder’s drama provocatively reveals the escalating tensions of a community about to implode.”

“…an outstanding new voice” in fiction…
       --Library Journal

“Snyder’s writing is crisp and clean and the premise is unique…”

"A powerful, page-turning debut that dares to delve below the surface of our glossy American lives. You may never look at your neighbors--or yourself--the same way again."
       --David Goodwillie, author of American Subversive

“Snyder offers us an unflinching and complicated portrait of a community that is afraid to look back at itself, and she does so with grace, wit and tenderness of heart. This book is stunning and so incredibly relevant.”
       --Alison Espach, author of The Adults

“In What We’ve Lost Is Nothing, Rachel Louise Snyder tackles a difficult subject, the effects of crime on a community. By exploring the lives of victimized neighbors, she shows how well-meaning people can fall prey to their fears and prejudices. It’s a story about an at-risk community skirting the west side of Chicago, but the themes are universal. It’s a compelling and important novel about family and neighborhood, about individuals when ideals and values are thrown into harsh contrast. A marvelous book.”
       --Mark LaFramboise, Book Buyer, Politics and Prose bookstore

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What We've Lost is Nothing

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